Kuwait Office Address

P.B. No. 47249, Fahaheel 64023

Phone Number

+(965) 23924408

Fax Number

+(965) 23924406

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Saudi Office Address

Building No. 8109, Office # 44, Floor # 4, King Fahad St. Al-Khobar 34425

Tel / Fax

+(966) 133306806

Mobile Number

+(966) 558111879

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Sponsorship for foreign companies

We are proud to promote and offer our abilities to provide Kuwaiti Sponsorship, relocation and support services to foreign entities who wish to create an office within the state of Kuwait and do business. Our sponsorship services can streamline non-Kuwaiti companies on their path to successfully perform day-to-day operations in Kuwait by providing them with a legal standing, consultancy and support across various areas like Govt. affairs.

Expert advisory services

We provide expert advisory services to business owners who have difficulties running their business operations and need an expert to advise and consult in overcoming existing business challenges and facilitate their business's smooth running.

Business Establishment Assistance

Al-DAAJANI Services offers a full bouquet of services to launch your business. We provide advisory services for all kinds of small and medium enterprises.

Assistance In Acquiring a Franchise

We help business owners who wish to expand and acquire partnerships or franchisees with global companies or agencies. We facilitate the groundwork needed, for example, the franchise acquirement communication, evaluation of the terms and conditions and franchise agreement preparations.

Marketing Strategy

We can help create a well-directed strategic Public relations and marketing campaign for business owners and entrepreneurs to effectively reach their target markets and raise awareness about their business.

Customized Services

We can provide customized tailor-made advisory services specifically targeted for each business owner or entrepreneur's unique needs.

Business Start-up For Expats & International Firms

We serve as the best platform for international business owners interested in setting up a business in Kuwait.